Doha Oasis | About Us
Doha Oasis | About Us

About Doha Oasis

Doha Oasis is a multi use development project and a fashion shopping mall established on a 440,000 square meter built up area in the heart of Doha, the capital city of Qatar. This modern architectural masterpiece consists of an innovative indoor amusement theme park, a 5 star hotel, a retail shopping complex, nineteen cinema theaters and high-end residential complexes. Just as the name implies, Doha Oasis has transformed Doha into a center of global attraction, not only for the ground-breaking aesthetics but also for record-breaking features.

The plan for establishing Doha Oasis stems from the Qatar National Vision 2030 that aims to transform the nation into an epicenter for tourism and business. To achieve this vision, Doha Oasis was designed to exploit elements of Qatari culture and values, leading-edge technology, innovative architecture, and best-in-class art.

The main facilities in Doha Oasis include Banyan Tree, an architectural marvel transformed into a 5 star luxury hotel and residence with leading-edge facilities that enhance comfort. Doha Oasis also houses Doha Quest, the largest indoor theme park in Qatar, the second-largest Printemps department store globally, a movie theater cinema multiplex, and many more. Since the official commissioning in 2021, thousands of locals and international tourists have trooped to Doha Oasis for tourism, business, fun, and international events.

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Our Values

1. Authentic: Integrity and quality are at the heart of everything we do.
2. Passionate: We are avid doers and this can be seen by the scope of our achievements.
3. Loyal: Creating a mutual loyalty bond by listening to our customers and being responsive to their needs.
4. Dynamic and flexible: We are ready to embrace the ever-changing demands and needs of the market.
5. Ambitious:  We strive to raise the bar in our industry by providing high-end world-class experiences and seamless services.

Our Vision

“To create legacy of excellence in the world of Iconic hospitality, entertainment, and retail”.

Our Mission

“With Innovation and commitment to inclusivity and sustainability, we aim to offer exceptional experiences by seamlessly blending the art of hospitality and entertainment with the world of retail. We are dedicated to providing unparalleled customer service, cultivating a warm and welcoming environment, and curating a diverse range of products that inspire and delight”.




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